About Us

Where it All Began

      My Craft School is the amalgamation of our passion for crafts and our quest to empower creative, like-minded makers, who are looking for a channel to express and explore their creativity.
      Although this venture is a new-born, the idea behind it dates back to 2009, when craft as a skill and its relevant materials lacked awareness in India.Since 2013, we had been selling craft supplies through The Craft Shop. And in 2017 started manufacturing them under our brand CrafTreat and exporting them. We strive to provide Top Quality and Best pricing for our products.This implies, you can expect the same with My Craft School too :)

     Our objective is To empower people like you to realize your crafting capabilities, by equipping you with the right knowledge, skill set and materials.We want to find and guide creative minds to reach their utmost potential. Irrespective of where you are on your creative journey, we will help you with getting started and proceeding further.

Meet the Founder

I am Priya Sivaraj mother of two, Author, Software engineer turned Craftpreneur. I have been passionate about crafts for as long as I could remember. Hailing from a small town, where importance was given to professional education - I was only given a choice to become a Doctor or Engineer ;)

     Though I had passed Engineering with distinction and was recruited by IBM on campus, my heart was longing for some glue and scissors .So, one fine day I quit my high paying job to follow my passion - Crafting.

       I am happy that I am able to do what I love and I follow my dreams. But one idea keeps resurfacing my mind from time to time. I wish I could help other women follow their passion and realize their dreams. For this very reason, My Craft School was born.

How we can help you

      Making things on your own can be very nurturing and life-transforming. It allows you to reconnect with your creativity and tap into an internal joy with a sense of accomplishment. Everyone wants a chance to get to know their artistic side. That is exactly what the team at My Craft School helps you with.

     In this fast-paced world, individuals are hardly able to maintain a perfect work-life balance and feel stressed. Which is why, we wanted to incorporate a system that allows people to ‘work while they play’. Meaning, crafts which is usually considered a ‘hobby’ or ‘a fun activity’ is actually capable of filling your pockets. Be it turning your interest into a business idea or choosing to team up with us, you can start generating a great side income, that can hopefully grow bigger than your regular pay check.

     By combining your passion with our expertise, we can help you build something amazing together that will live on, long after we are all gone.    

Why Join us?

       Whether you are looking for a therapeutic activity, a medium to bond with your children, a side hustle to make money, or a means to surprise your loved ones with customized gifts, this is a skill that can take you a long way.
      With over a decade of experience in this Industry, we’ve been doing this long before craft supplies were even accessible. We understand your exact needs and strive hard to give you the best virtual learning experience possible. Having tried several ideas and techniques, we will provide you with an assortment of the best methods and quick & easy-to-make craft ideas that you can try, even if you are a complete beginner!

           “We bring the learning and the learning materials to you
             We can help you earn income from your passion”

      If there are two things that we value the most, it’s your time and money. That’s why we ensure that you get the most out of the price you pay. Choose us and you’ll never have to spend time travelling around or breaking your bank accounts. Because, we will bring the experts right in front of you at the most affordable cost. What’s more? You can save your fuel expenses by getting all the necessary craft supplies at your doorstep. Whether you want to buy supplies for yourselves or for someone else, we will support you by getting you the products of your choice at its very best price. You can also opt for bulk orders, if you choose to start a business of your own.
       Let us also not forget the scope that comes with it. By choosing us, you are one step closer to joining our forces and being one among us. You can either teach our community or become the face of our school by referring our courses to the ones who’ll love it.

       If you got this far, I suppose we are friends now. We would love to get to know you better and hopefully help you with your venture.
We are constantly looking for ways to evolve. Join the club and let’s grow together. Learning crafts has never been easier.
     ;'You never know what you missed out on unless you give it a try